Tuesday, August 31, 2010

theNAME Announce New Guitarist

theNAME have announced they have added a second guitarist. Rens will be playing at their upcoming shows.

Babylon Bombs Quiting?

Babylon Bombs have canceled their European tour in September and announced they "will take a break." In the same notice they say they "don't know what the future will bring...maybe we quite, maybe we will pick it up later on..."

Marco Mendoza "Casa Mendoza" Pre-Order

Marco Mendoza (Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake) is releasing his solo album "Casa Mendoza" on September 14th. The CD contains some originals as well as covers. Here is the tracklisting:

Amberian Dawn Pre-Order

For you Amberian Dawn fans in Europe you can go to http://www.fanzone.fi/amberiandawn and pre-order their new album "End Of Eden" with a t-shirt for 29.99 EUR.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sister Sin Need A New Bass Player

Sister Sin is still looking for a new bass player since Benton decided he was unable to tour. If you live in Gothenburg or are willing to move there check out their blog at http://www.myspace.com/sisterssin and good luck!

Million Dollar Reload Gets New Deal

Million Dollar Reload have signed a new record deal with Powerage Records. The first thing that will happen is a re-release of their first album "Anthems Of A Degeneration", which has been "Remixed... Remastered... Reloaded!" The CD has a release date of October 18th in the UK. They will be starting recording a new album "as soon as" they can.

U.D.O. New Album in 2011

U.D.O.'s new album in planned for a January 14th, 2011 release and will be titled "Rev Raptor". AFM will be releasing the new CD.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Black Stone Cherry Show

Black Stone Cherry will be headlining a free show at the downtown square in Edmonton , KY on September 3rd to celebrate 150 years of the town. The show starts at 6:30pm with Willowshade, then The Kentucky Headhunters, and finally Black Stone Cherry.

Doro - US Mini Tour

Doro will be performing at a few places on the East Coast to prepare for her Japanese tour this fall. The dates and locations are:

New Releases 8/24/10

Oops, a little late, but here are the new releases for 8/24/10:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rhino Bucket Wants You To Help With New CD

Rhino Bucket are ready to record their new album but need your help. Go to their Kickstarter page where you can pledge money to their project. If the reach their goal of $7,500 they will send out the rewards to everyone who pledged at least $5.

Megadeth Rust In Peace-Live

Well, looks like Megadeth will be releasing two versions of their "Rust In Peace" live set. They will be on the Big 4 Live set which I mentioned a couple of days ago, and also will have their set from their live show on March 31, 2010 at the Holly wood Palladium released on Blue-ray, DVD, and Cd on September 7th. You can check out 30-second samples at Amazon UK.

Godsmack Oracle Tour

Godsmack has posted dates for their upcoming tour for their new album "The Oracle". This is the first cross country tour since the album was released on May 5th. I saw them open up for Metallica and they rocked, I would go check them out if they are coming around your area. Dates are:

The Poodles Sign With Frontiers Records

The Poodles have signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records. They will be releasing a live DVD "In The Flesh" and live album "No Quarter" before the end of 2010, and a new studio album in early 2011.

Hopefully they will release their previous albums in the US, up until now to get their CDs you had to buy expensive imports. The band has a stupid name, but they rock. Check them out at http://www.poodles.se.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax DVD

The Big 4, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, & Anthrax, will be releasing a live DVD filmed in Sofia, Bularia. The DVD will be out in Europe on Oct. 15th, Oct. 19th in the US, and the rest of the world Oct. 18th. The DVD will include the full shows of all four bands. There will be a limited edition box set including the 2-DVD set, five CD's will all the music, a 24 page booklet, a poster, photos of each band, and a Big 4 guitar pick. I'll let you know more info when available.

BLS Berzerkus Tour Set

Black Label Society's Berzerkus tour itinerary has been set. If they are coming around your home I would definitely get tickets to check them out, the short set I got to see at Ozzfest made me a believer:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kamelot North American Tour 2010

Kamelot have posted the schedule for the North American Tour for 2010 in support of their new album "Poetry For The Poisoned":

Monday, August 23, 2010

Album Cover and First Single For Amberian Dawn

Amberian Dawn have a new album, "End Of Eden", coming out in Europe on October 20th. The tracklisting is:

New Website and Album for Trisomy

Trisomy, a gothic/metal band from the Netherlands, had created a new website to go with their new album "Breathe". You can check out the site at http://www.trisomy.nl/. They have a teaser where you can hear bits from five songs from the album and get more information about the band and new album.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ozzfest 8/14 Review

This was my first time to go to Ozzfest. I've seen most of the main headliners, Ozzy, Motley Crue, and Halford before, but in the past ten years I've never been able to go to one of the Ozzfest festivals. It was also kind of cool because it was the first festival I would be taking my 11 year old daughter to. The trip was well worth it and I would do it again. There were a few issues which I'll go through:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sully Erna on MySpace

Sully Erna (Godsmack) has a new page on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/sullyerna. This is his official page, hopefully it'll be updated with information on his new solo album soon.

Sister Sin w/ BLS Cancelled

Sister Sin was supposed to support BLS on their tour dates in September, but the some of the shows got re-routed so they were only going to be on two shows, so financially it doesn't make sense for them to fly back from Sweden.

Kittie w/ Devildriver and Headlining

Kittie will be supporting Devildriver on their upcoming tour then start headlinging themselves. Dates are:

Accept - Blood Of The Nations Release Date

Accept will be releasing their new album "Blood Of The Nations" on Aug. 23rd in the US. This is the first album featuring former TT Quick singer Mark Tornillo and I can't wait to check it out.

Sonic Syndicate Upload Album To MySpace

Sonic Syndicate has uploaded their upcoming album "We Rule The Night" to their MySpace page so you can listen to it at http://www.myspace.com/sonicsyndicate.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chinese Democracy $4.99

I never thought I would see the day Guns 'N Roses would be a bargain basement band, but here we got it, you can go to Best Buy and purchase a brand new copy of "Chinese Democracy" for $4.99. Next we'll be seeing it as a door prize?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Releases 8/17/10

Here are the new rock releases for 8/17/10.

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
Filter - Trouble With Angels
Salem - Playing God & Other Short Stories
Korsus - Discipline Of Hate
Knights Of The Abyss - The Culling Of Wolves
Riotgod - Riotgod
King Of Asgard - Fi'mbluvntr
Retaliation - Seven
Morbid Carnage - Night Assassins
Orbs - Asleep Next To Science

Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax Fall Tour

Jagermeister will be sponsoring their 17th music tour will bands Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax this year. Slayer will be playing their complete "Seasons in the Abyss" album, Megadeth will be playing the complete "Rust in Peace" album, and Anthrax will be celebrating the return of original vocalist Joey Belladonna. The tour will be limited to 20 appearances and start on September 24th. Here is the complete tour list:

Slayer In-Store Appearances

Slayer's Kerry King will be making appearances at a handful of stops along their current tour. All appearances will start at 3pm local time, check him out at the following stops:

New Firewind Album

For all you guys who don't live and breath metal you probably don't know who Firewind is, well, here's a little info: Firewind is the band created by guitarist Gus G., who is now the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. I love when he is described as "young guitar sensation", he's almost 30 years old and has a list of bands and albums that probably out does 90% of guitarists that were considered big in the 80's. If you want to check out his discography go to http://www.myspace.com/gusgofficial and be ready to be amazed.

Well, back to the headline, Firewind's new album "Days Of Defiance" will be released in North America on Oct. 26th. Check them out, I have the last couple of albums and they rock.

Black Label Society Meet And Greet Packages

Well, for you diehard BLS fans with some spare change, you can order meet and greet packages for the upcoming BLS tour at http://theblacklabelorder.com. Check out The Ultimate Black Label Order Experience, if any of you have the cash for it let me know so I know who to hit up for a loan.

MSG/Lynch Mob/Sister Sin/Shiver Fox Review

There has been more national rock acts coming to Fresno in the past few months, and specially the past nine days, than I have ever seen. The latest was Michael Schenker Group, Lynch Mob, and Sister Sin on Sunday, August 8th at the Tower Theater. I will start off as saying I needed this show after the disappointing show Friday night by Ratt, one of my all time favorite bands.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ozzfest This Weekend

Well, not much breaking news the last few days, I've just been trying to get as much done at work and home because I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Ozzfest is San Bernardino. Gates open at noon and I want to get a good seat to see Black Label Society. I'll be posting updates when I can from the show. Here is the lineup posted at www.ozzfest.com:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Releases 8/10/10

Black Label Society - Order Of The Black
Wednesday 13 - Bloodwork
Pissing Razors - Where We Come From
Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth
Kreator - Horders Of Chaos: Ultra Riot (Box Set)
De Van - Planet Botox
Amorphis - Forging The Land... (Box Set)
Root Water - Limbic System
Pandemonium - Hellspawn

Sully Erna's Solo Album

Sully Erna (Godsmack) is releasing a solo album "Avalon" on Sept. 14th. You can pre-order the album at Amazon and iTunes.

Adler's Appetite Coming To Fresno

Adler's Appetite, featuring Steven Adler from Guns N' Roses, will be playing live at the Starline in Fresno on August 27th. They will be playing the full "Appetite For Destruction" album. Opening bands will be Anchored, The Beautifully Demolished, and Gutterfish. Tickets are $18.50 advance and $23.50 day of the show. You can get tickets at http://www.americanmadeconcerts.com/

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Carmine Appice

It's hard to see, but that's Carmine Appice on drums.

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MSG Live

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Lynch Mob Live

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Liv From Sister Sin

Here is a picture of me and Liv from Sister Sin.
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Sister Sin Rocks

If MSG comes to your town go just to see Sister Sin, they are just fucking awesome.
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Ratt Live - Review

Ratt finally made it to Fresno after at least 20 years. Opening up for them were local band Shuvelhead and another 80's band Jetboy. If you expect to hear some glowing review because you think I wouldn't post anything negative then you weren't at the show.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ratt-Lack Of Communication

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Jetboy Live

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Ratt - Live Tonight

Tonight will be the first time I've seen Ratt with Stephen Pearcy on vocals, they are one of only a few of my favorite bands I haven't been able to see, but now the wait will be over. Their new album "Infestation" is awesome and if they play even their biggest hits I'm sure it will be an awesome show. I will post a review this weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blind Guardian - A Voice In The Dark Video

Blind Guardian's first single is available on the Nuclear Blast Germany YouTube Channel, or you can just watch it below:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Zakk Wylde In Store

Zakk Wylde will be appearing at the Best Buy at 11301 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA on 8/10 from 4:00pm-6:00pm to sign their new CD.

Zakk Wylde Autographed Guitar

For a chance to win an autographed ZW Guitar go to http://www.gohastings.com/catalog/section.jsp?departmentName=POD&podName=Metal&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-HOjqD9A5ockvQ08znN17LA&creative=10&offer=191378&source=LinkShare

Circle II Circle News

Circle II Circle has signed with Arrowhead Productions. Hopefully this will help with their upcoming album release, "Consequence of Power", and world tour. This is a band that continuously gets overlooked and has the talent to be much bigger than they are. For the latest information check out their MySpace page.

Jonny Lang Latest Info

Jonny Lang has been busy, he played on two tracks from Cyndi Lauper's CD "Memphis Blues" released June 22nd, played on one track on Lee Ritemour's CD "6 String Theory" released June 29th, and played on one track on Carlos Santana's CD "The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time" being released on September 21st.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Releases 8/3/10

New US Releases for 8/3/2010:

Buckcherry - All Night Long
The Black Crowes - Croweology
Paul Gilbert - Fuzz Universe
Juvaliant - Inhuman Nature
Blood Revolt - Indoctrine
In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart Of Man
Wretched - Beyond The Gate
Ryan Star - 11:59

New Stereoside Single

If you haven't heard of Stereoside you missed one of the best albums to come out in 2007 (to be honest I didn't pick up their CD "So Long" until last year, but it is great). Their new CD "Stereoside" is set to be released on 8/31, but you can check out their first single "Trailer Park Scum" on their MySpace page, let me know what you think.

Zakk Wylde In Stores

No, I'm not talking about Zakk Wylde's new Black Label Society "Order Of The Black", I'm talking about Zakk Wylde actually being in store's to sign the new CD. If you live in one of these cities and don't go I don't want to hear from you, ever!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blind Guardian Pre-Order

As mentioned earlier Blind Guardian's new CD "At The Edge Of Time" will be available in the US on Aug. 24th, to mark the event Nuclear Blast is offering the CDs with a special t-shirt offer at http://store.nuclearblastusa.com/Artist/Blind_Guardian/10185

Kamelot Members Invited to USF

The University of South Florida have invited the drummer, keyboardist, and bassist of Kamelot to do a music clinic on campus on Sept. 7th. Kamelot will start their North American tour the next night at Orlando's House Of Blues.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rhino Bucket Live

I just got to see Rhino Bucket live for the first time last night (Saturday 7/31), and I can honestly say I hope it's not my last. We got to the show a little lat and got to see the end of local guitar wiz Blaze play, awesome for a 16-year old, check out his Myspace page. I didn't see him on the bill or I might of gone a little earlier, hopefully I'll be able to catch his complete show next time.